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Export Range of Work Safety Shoes


Put a Spring in your Step
Hillson - Safety Shoes

The virtually impenetrable insole protects from sharp objects like nails and shards of metal. We manufacture high quality Safety Shoes which are Comfortable, Light In weight and Durable. PU Safety Shoes are resilient shoes worn by the workers on duty with heavy machinery and equipment in factories. Industry Safety Shoes work-wear to protect the feet of the workers against injuries and risk during the work. We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of qualitative range of Steel Toe Safety Shoes with Dual Density Sole to our clients. These products are designed using the best quality Flexible PU Injected & Real leather in compliance with the set industry standards. In order to meet various requirements of clients, we offer these products in assorted shapes and sizes.

In order to meet various requirements of clients, we offer these PU Safety Shoes in assorted shapes and sizes. Apart from this, our clients can avail these quality safety shoes from us at very reasonable prices. Using Safety Shoes for Personal Protection - Safety shoes are being used for worker’s protection in a variety of industries. Safety Shoes in India are considered a premium safety item and hence are not worn by choice.















Work Safety Shoes - 4 Ways They Protect You

When you think about shoes for the workplace, heavy-duty footwear such as steel toe Shoes may come to mind. These Shoes which have reinforced toes to protect the feet from hazards such as heavy objects, are important personal protective equipment (PPE) at many industrial and construction worksites.

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Work Safety Shoes - Protect From Falling & Flying Objects

When workers carry heavy materials or work in dynamic environments where many people, machines and vehicles are operating at once, falling and flying objects are common hazards. Protective shoes like steel toe Shoes can effectively prevent crushing injuries to the feet.


Work Safety Shoes - Protect From Punctures

When workers could step on sharp objects or be struck by sharp objects from above, shoes with heavy-duty soles and thick materials surrounding the foot offer the best protection. At construction worksites, for example, many sharp objects could be in someone’s path. A soft-soled shoe might not provide enough protection.


Work Safety Shoes - Protect From Cutting Hazards

Machinery that is sharp or contains moving parts can pose cutting hazards. Workers in the logging industry, for example, face dangers from chainsaws. If a chainsaw were to come in contact with someone’s foot, the result could be catastrophic.


Work Safety Shoes - Unbreakable and Durable PU Sole

Hillson Safety Shoes is designed to protect the user from potential work hazards. Our footwear have various features including longer durability. Our quality is unwatchable. You can choose any path to work and walk over in anti-slip PU Safety Shoes. The provided shoes have strong sole and perfect balancing ability which make them anti-slip. Owing to their high durability and fine finish, these shoes are highly applauded in the market.

PU Mid Sole in Safety Shoes - Low Density PU Sole is soft, flexible and very comfortable and Anti-Fatigue
PU outer Sole in Safety Shoes - High Density PU Sole is hard, anti-breakable, better grip in sleepy place, safe from sharp object, reduce wear and tear and Abrasion resistance sole


The Power of Real Leather

@HILLSON STEEL TOE SAFETY SHOE MADE FROM GENUINE LEATHER. AND SOLE IS MADE FROM FLEXIBLE AND ANTI SKID, ANTI BREAK. Hillson maintain the consistency of real leather. We buy leather from Tannery for our Safety Shoes. Tannery supply us best quality, high grad, finish leather. When beauty seeks its emphasis from Leather, it is even more important to ensure that quality is never compromised.


Made in India - ISI marked Work Safety Shoes by @Hillson

The Work Safety Shoes of @Hillson are designed to fit well, look good and get the best performance for the job and also Fatigue Resistance. We offers a wide variety of great quality PU, PVC Leather safety shoes with ISI standard in India. Hillson is on the forefront of innovation and continuously innovates with new features and materials. These shoes are manufactured by us using best quality Tannery Leather, which provide proper safety and comfort and our Safety Shoes are Durable

Only Hillson offer PVC Safety Shoes in Dual Density. In Dual Density we use 2 types of Sole one on mid and second one in bottom.
:- Mid Sole is Soft and Flexible so its give you Luxury comfort and Fatigue resistance.
:- Bottom Sole is hard and its life is very long. Our Bottom sole is never break, Abrasion Resistance, Oil & acid Resistance, Slip Resistance and Anti Wear & Tear Sole.


@Hillson Production Range

We are not new in Safety Shoes Business. We have lots of experience in this line. Experience always count, we design and manufacturer safety shoes since 1983. Our Manufacturing capacity is 15000 pair / day and it's increasing substantially.


Durable Safety Shoes range by @Hillson

@Hillson offer Durable and long life safety shoes range. We use best high grade PVC, PU and Leather Raw Material. @Hillson Does not use recycle raw material in export range on safety shoes. Our all export range safety shoes fixed with Steel Mid-plate Hillson is all about improving industry working lives. Safety shoes are essential in almost every industry, your feet deserve the best protection possible.

@Hillson Footwear Exports Safety Shoes to many Countries.

We believe that every segment of our wide customer base has a right to fashionable and safe footwear which makes them look good, and feel safe. @Hillson Footwear Exports Safety Shoes to many Countries.


:- UAE
:- Oman
:- Kuwait
:- Saudi
:- Tanzania
:- Qatar
:- East Russia
:- Dubai and many more


Made in INDIA
VS Made in CHINA

• Made in India Safety Shoes
Durability India Safety Shoes are more Durable than China. Hillson use best quality PU, PVC & Leather Raw Material
Quality India Manufacture always offer best Quality Safety Shoes. Hillson always Consistent with quality.
Consistence Price @Hillson Always Consistence with his Safety Shoes Price List.
Low Freight Cost In India, Freight Cost is mostly minimum comparison to China
Stability of the shoes India Safety Shoes are very Stable
• Made in China Safety Shoes
Durability Chines shoes not Durable because China shoes manufacture use very low quality Raw Material.
Quality We all now that chines offer very bad Quality of Safety Shoe
Consistence Price Chines Safety Shoes Manufacture never Consistence with Price
High Freight Cost The China Freight Index has been going lower and Higher is not Consistent
Stability of the Shoes Chines Safety Shoes Stability is very Bad