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Safety Shoes


Hillson Safety Shoes
Stay Fit, Fresh and Focused on the JOB.

Using Safety Shoes for Personal Protection - Safety shoes are being used for worker’s protection in a variety of industries. Safety Shoes in India are considered a premium safety item and hence are not worn by choice. We at Hillson Footwear, are trying to change that. The Hillson range of safety shoes encompasses not only absolute foot protection for the industrial worker but also provide high range of comfort and durability at best affordable prices. Our motto – Affordability, Durability and Quality is projected in every safety shoe that we manufacture in our unit.
There is an excellent range of safety shoes from the Hillson brand that you can check out in this regard. These shoes not only do the job of protecting the feet from knocks, bumps, damages, oil and liquid slips and more but also provide comfort and reduce fatigue to the workers. We even have a premium range of maximum security (Z+) Safety Shoes that provide unmatched luxury and style without compromising on quality and economical prices. Safety shoes for both men and women usually come with steel toes and PVC/PU soles that work fabulously with regard to preventing damage to the worker’s feet.


Best Durable PVC Safety Shoes by Hillson

PVC Safety shoes are the most economical range of safety shoes for the average industrial worker. The perception associated with these PVC safety shoes are that of cheap quality. Hillson’s PVC safety shoes are changing all that. Our PVC safety shoes are made from the best quality raw material. They are not the most economical shoes in the market but due to their quality raw material and comfort fir – they are the LARGEST SELLING PVC Safety shoes in the market.

Safety shoes are resilient shoes worn by the workers on duty with heavy machinery and equipment in factories. PVC Safety Shoes protect the feet of the workers against injuries and risk during the work. We manufacture high quality PVC Dual density and Single Density Safety Shoes which are Comfortable, Light In weight and Durable.

Uses of PVC as in Safety Shoes

Why use PVC for making Safety Shoes

:- Easy to use and convert into many different forms.

:- Strong and Durable but Light Weight.

:- Waterproof and resistant to attack by Chemicals

:- An innovative material which enable designers to create new products

:- Cost competitive which allow the production of good quality goods at a reasonable price

PVC Material is Naturally Resistant to Electricity

PVC Material is Naturally Resistant to Electricity

PVC has a natural resistance to electricity thus providing a good material for manufacturing safety shoes. PVC material has an electrical resistant valuation between 0.1 and 1000 Mega Ohm (MΩ), measured as per EN 20344: 2011 5 10. This value of electrical resistance provides enhanced protection from electrical shocks


Slip Resistance and Anti-abrasive PU Safety Shoes

PU Sole is Anti-abrasive. PU does not get rough and scrub, it is longer durable. Hillson is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of qualitative range of PU Safety Shoes to our industrial clients. These products are designed using the best quality Flexible PU Injected in compliance with the set industry standards. In order to meet various requirements of clients, we offer these PU Safety Shoes in assorted shapes and sizes. Apart from this, our clients can avail these quality safety shoes from us at very reasonable prices. The PU safety shoes of @Hillson are designed to fit well, look good and get the best performance for the job. We offers a wide variety of great quality PU safety shoes with ISI standard in India.


Hillson Oil Resistant PU/PVC Safety Shoes

Hillson Oil Resistant PU/PVC Safety Shoes are specially designed to protect your shoe soles from damage caused by oil and other fuels. Its out-sole has special PU/PVC material which give you the capability to move freely on the work and your shoes will never deteriorate due to high exposure to harmful liquid substances. Your PU/PVC Shoes should be the least of your worries, When you’re busy helping other people. The oil resistant PU/PVC safety shoes pair make this possible whether you’re working in Forestry, in the Military, Power Stations, Oil Industry, Chemical Industry, Logistics Industry or on emergencies.


Leather Safety Shoes

Hillson as leaders in this industry, we are providing our esteemed clients with excellent quality Leather Safety Shoes. We buy leather from Tannery for our PU Single Density Safety Shoes. Tannery supply us best quality, high grad, finish leather. Our products have set a new standard of safety market & have been in the leading position for all new Safety Shoes technology. We manufacture high quality Leather Safety Shoes which are Comfortable, Light In weight anti-crack sole and Durable. We ensure our range is quality tested on predefined parameters to meet international standards.

@Hillson Footwear Exports Safety Shoes to many Countries.

We believe that every segment of our wide customer base has a right to fashionable and safe footwear which makes them look good, and feel safe. @Hillson Footwear Exports Safety Shoes to many Countries.


:- UAE
:- Oman
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:- East Russia
:- Dubai and many more