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PU Dual Density and ISI Mark Safety Shoes


Hillson - PU Dual Density Safety Shoes

Put a Spring in your Step
Dual Density Safety Shoes

Hillson’s PU Dual Density Safety Shoes protect the feet of the workers against injuries and risk during the work. We manufacture high quality PU Safety Shoes which are Comfortable, Light In weight and Durable. The Dual Density PU Safety Shoes are made from high-strength and light-weight PU polymer. The Outer-sole is made from best quality hardened PU material which offers maximum abrasion resistance in industrial work sites. The mid-sole is made from softer and highly flexible PU material offering very comfortable and fatigue resistant shoes. The PU Dual Density Safety shoes use the highest quality of real-leather with maximum consistency and superior comfort and durability. Due to our years of manufacturing experience we can offer these high-class safety shoes at very cheap prices while still maintaining very high quality standards. The PU Dual Density Steel Toe Safety Shoes are resilient shoes worn by the workers working on heavy machinery and equipment in factories and shop floors.


Functions of Dual Density Steel Toe Safety Shoes

Foot injuries can be debilitating, resulting in time away from work or difficulty performing a job. Wearing safety shoes or boots can help prevent many foot injuries in the following ways....


What is a PU Steel Toe Safety Shoe and how does it provide protection to the wearer?

A steel cap that is built into the Toe box of a work Shoe during its construction to provide protection for the toes and feet of the wearer. The steel toe is designed to meet specific safety requirements for foot protection against both impact and compression by heavy objects. These find usage in various kinds of industries.


Hillson PU Dual Density Safety Shoes with Steel Toe

Safety shoes feature a composite or steel toe and a slip-resistant sole. They may also have a metal or composite metatarsal guard that protects the toes and the bone behind the toes. The safety boots also have steel mid-sole or Kevlar sole protective the foot.

Our PU safety shoes have:
:- Metal Hooks
:- Reflective Strip
:- Pu Lining
:- High Density Pu Out-sole
:- Low Density Pu Mid-sole
:- Nylon Fiber Lining
:- Crazy Horse Leather
:- Extra Pu Layer


    Minimise Weight & Foot Fatigue
    with Dual Density Safety Shoes

    The Provided shoes are widely used by workers to protect feet from Injuries


Uses of PU as in Safety Shoes:

PU Mid Sole in Safety Shoes - @Hillson use low Density PU mid sole in Safety Shoes because Low Density PU Sole is soft, flexible and very comfortable and Anti-Fatigue
PU outer Sole in Safety Shoes - @Hillson use High Density PU outer sole in Safety Shoes because High Density PU Sole is hard, anti-breakable, better grip in sleepy place, safe from sharp object, reduce wear and tear and Abrasion resistance sole


Slip-Resistant PU Safety Shoes for Sure Shoe Grip

Hillson is an eminent entity engaged in offering wide range of Safety Footwear. Every Safety Footwear must be anti-slip which will let working in extreme conditions, hassle free working. Under the surveillance of highly professionals, these safety shoes are designed making use of the finest grade material and contemporary techniques at vendors’ end to you. You can choose any path to work and walk over in anti-slip PU Safety Shoes. The provided shoes have strong sole and perfect balancing ability which make them anti-slip. Owing to their high durability and fine finish, these shoes are highly applauded in the market.


Wide range of PU Oil Resistant Safety Shoes

Hillson is a leading name in manufacturing and exporting quality safety footwear which is widely accepted in various industries for industrial work. Our footwears are highly qualitative and durable due to which they are so well appreciated. Our Safety footwear is given sophisticated design. Hillson Safety Footwear prevents your feet from hazards and injuries. Due to oil resistant feature, you can wear our footwear to protect feet and work without any hastle. Our range of PU Shoes have moderate penetration resistance and are excellent oil resistors.


PU Safety Shoes has longer Durability:

Hillson Safety Shoes is designed to protect the user from potential work hazards. Our footwear have various features including longer durability. Our quality is unwatchable. Most of the safety boots sold today have passed slip-resistance and wear tests. Hillson ensures that each employee or worker can buy protection based safety footwear while working in extreme conditions.


Uses of PU as in Safety Shoes:

A Good Safety Shoe should be comfortable. PU i.e Polyurethanes allow shoe manufacturers to meet all of these objectives. Low-density PU Soles are utilized for mid-soles and outer soles. PU is environmental friendly and is excellent shock absorber and chemical resistant Low-density PU Soles are utilised for mid-soles and outer soles. They are excellent in performance and are anti-slip, water resistant and oxidation resistant.


PU Material is Naturally Resistant to Electricity:

PU has a natural resistance to electricity thus providing a good material for manufacturing safety shoes. PU material has an electrical resistant valuation between 0.1 and 1000 Mega Ohm (MΩ), measured as per EN 20344: 2011 5 10. This value of electrical resistance provides enhanced protection from electrical shocks


The Power of Real Leather


@HILLSON STEEL TOE SAFETY SHOE MADE FROM GENUINE LEATHER. AND SOLE IS MADE FROM FLEXIBLE AND ANTI SKID, ANTI BREAK. Hillson maintain the consistency of real leather. We buy leather from Tannery for our PU Single Density Safety Shoes. Tannery supply us best quality, high grad, finish leather. When beauty seeks its emphasis from Leather, it is even more important to ensure that quality is never compromised.

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