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PVC Molded Safety Shoes


Hillson - PVC Molded Safety Shoes specially for Wet Weather.

PVC Molded
Safety Shoes

Hillson’s PVC Moulded Safety Shoes are absolutely indispensable at various work sites like a Construction project where hundreds of workers work at a time and there is lot of Mud, Water & Wet Cement. In wet conditions both PVC and PU sole safety shoes of Real leather or Synthetic leather gets damaged. The leather absorbs and retains water due to which the safety shoes are damaged and can’t be worn consistently.
In these harsh and wet conditions a fully washable PVC Safety shoe is a boon for the workers. This being a fully PVC Molded safety shoe, is unaffected by such watery working conditions. Even if the cement falls on it, one may wash it, wipe it with a cloth and wear it again. But, we have not compromised with the comfort - a cotton lining, cushioned in socks and flexible upper enables to reduce fatigue of the worker and increases their working efficiency.

Uses of PVC as in Safety Shoes

Gumboot Advantages in PVC Molded Safety Shoes.


In wet work PVC and PU safety shoes are not successful they got damaged because normal PVC and PU safety Shoes absorb water. Don't worry we have solution for this, we specially design & develop PVC Molded safety shoes in INDIA. Our PVC Molded safety shoes is does not absorb water if it to get wet in water, chemical, cement, mud don't worry just wipe off with dry cloth and our PVC Molded shoe again ready for hard work. Below are some Good Advantages of PVC molded Safety Shoes.

:- Water Resistance.

:- Durable

:- Light Weight

:- Long Life

:- Oil & Chemical resistance


Made in India PVC Molded Safety Shoes


We are not new in Safety Shoes Market. We have lots of experience in this line. Experience always count, we design and manufacturer safety shoes since 1983. Our Manufacturing capacity is 15000 pair / day and it's increasing substantially.


Industry for PVC Molded Safety Shoes


@Hillson PVC Molded safety shoes specially designed for water or wet work. Our PVC Molded safety Shoes is Fully Molded like Gumboots. Below are some industry for our Molded safety shoes..

:- Cement Industry
:- Construction Industry
:- Water Work
:- Mud Work
:- Tanneries
:- Fisheries
:- Meat Processing Plants
:- Stone Quarries
:- Tea Plantations
:- Agriculture
:- Tea Garden

If there is Sludge, Mud, Cement or Chemicals these PVC Molded Safety Shoes can be the right choice.


Benefits of PVC over other materials

PVC is replacing traditional building materials such as wood, metal, concrete and clay in many applications. Versatility, cost effectiveness and an excellent record of use mean it is the most important polymer for the construction sector, which accounted for 60 per cent of European PVC production in 2006.

:- Strong and lightweight
:- Durable
:- Safe Material
:- Fully Water Proof
:- Oil & Acid Resistance
:- Best for Tea Gardens, Construction Work, Mountains, Rain, Wet weather

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